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    Ill-effects of conventional energy
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Minus CO2 is an independent energy portal which offers the finest of the solar modules from the best of the manufacturers in the market. The company aims at advocating the progressive consumers that, sustainable energies are the most inexpensive and reliable power generation source unlike the traditional ones. Its main purpose is to, help ease the transition from a coal source to a sustainable source of energy with proper knowledge and expertise. By partnering with a network of leading manufacturers and installers, Minus CO2 offers unsurpassed sustainable services, high quality installation and the best beginning-to-end experience.

Minus CO2 wants to ensure that Carbon Dioxide, which is a matter of major concern these days, is worked upon with the easiest, simplest and the safest way, that is so freely available. The maximum energy consumption happens through electricity usage and it is one of the major reasons for the increase in CO2 levels. Hence, from the name to the entire proposition, Minus CO2 urges you to join hands and fight against CO2.


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    Solar Energy
    Benifits of solar Energy
  • Need for
    renewable energy
    Need for Renewable energy
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    Effects of CO2



From the moment you say go, we handle everything. From educating you about how solar energy works to the end installation process, it is a no hassle process. We guarantee you a complete system performance to a high quality professional installation. Your consent is enough and we will ease the whole process for you.


  • end to end solar energy solutionsSITE SURVEY When you give us a call, we will have our personnel come down and have a survey of the site, where ever you prefer to install it.
  • installation of solar products and panelsCUSTOMIZED DESIGNS & INSTALLATIONS After surveying the area, we will give you a customized design installation that is best suited for your need.
  • After sales and services for solar productsEXPERT AFTER-SALES SERVICES Our job does not end with installations; we give you complete and expert after-sales services, along with customer care support, that will take care of everything – from monitoring its production to fixing a glitch to replacing any parts, for the next 18 years.

  • solar products & energy for farmhouses in IndiaFARMHOUSES Our remote getaways to our prized possessions can be majorly affected by the lack of proper electricity supply. Don’t let electricity play a dampening role to your moments of joy. Switch to solar for a safe and cost effective way to generate electricity and enjoy your times.
  • Solar energy for hospitals in IndiaHOSPITALS We have an ideal solar panel setup for all types of hospitals. It would not just save copious amounts of money but also be a lifesaver with uninterrupted power. Now, let the beep continue with a never-ending power source.
  • solar energy for homes in IndiaSINGLE HOMES Our homes produce plenty CO2 which is uncontrollable by human nature. We can’t stop them, but we can at least substitute its production, with a cleaner source of power. Adopt an eco-friendly method to generate electricity with our solar panels. You can save up to 50 % on your monthly bills and lighten your life with nature at your side.

  • Solar energy & equipments for construction projects in IndiaDEVELOPERS We are giving all the developers an opportunity to be privy about the market and its needs. With our customized sustainable solutions, you have the prospects of making a huge difference in all your projects and along with being a trustable brand.
  • solar energy & equipments for schools and colleges EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS We are giving you an opportunity to practice what you preach, with an appropriate sustainable solutions package that is best suited to your need. Now you can teach and use the same knowledge to lighten the future generations.
  • solar energy for industries in IndiaMEDIUM & SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES The consumption of medium and small scale industries increases in the peak hours along with the unit rate of electricity. With our customized solutions especially suited to meet your needs even in the peak hours, your industry will be running flawlessly, without the work getting hampered.


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